Knowing When You Need a New Visual Identity

There’s a lot that goes into creating a brand identity, but the end result is that you want your brand to be visually recognizable to your customer base. Not only should it be recognizable, but it should also give your audience a clue as to who you are and what you stand for, as well as leave a positive impression. 

To make sure that all is well with the visual components of your brand, you need to constantly look for signs that your brand might need a reboot. Here is a look at some of the scenarios that might lead you to create a new visual identity:

Negativity Associated with Your Old Visuals

If you are doing business with the general public, there is always the possibility that your brand might have some negativity associated with it. This could be anything from a disgruntled customer taking things too far and bad mouthing you online, to being associated with a situation that you may not even have anything to do with, but somehow the public perceives it that way. No matter what the situation is, the only way to really turn it around is to start by changing your visual identity. 

Your Business Has Changed

Another reason why you might want to change your visual identity relates to whether your business is in the same place that it was back when you created your original branding. If anything about your business has changed, you should look into giving your visuals an overhaul. This could include whether or not your industry has changed, the customer base has changed, or even your products or services have changed. All of these could make it necessary to overhaul your visual identity. 

Lack of Results

Wanting to achieve your business goals is ultimately the number one reason why you would put together your brand in the first place. If you aren’t getting the results that you want, it could very well be because your visual identity is somehow not connecting with the target audience. Of course, poor results could be caused by a variety of factors, but changing your visual identity could give you a chance to turn things around. 

Your Existing Visual Identity is Outdated

There comes a time in the life of every business where things start to look outdated. A business you started twenty years ago should have changed its visual identity a few times to keep up with popular visual trends. When the visual trends change, you should also overhaul your branding. Much of this will be dictated by what your competitors are doing. You don’t want to be left behind if they are making changes and you aren’t. 

It can be tough sometimes to know if your visual identity needs to be overhauled. You should trust your business instincts and make changes in a way that will help your brand in the long run.