Design Should Reflect Co. Values

It's likely that your brand has a set of core values, and those form the basis of how your customers will identify with you. However, it isn’t enough to simply know what those values are, and maybe explain to your audience what those values are through your content. The way in which the design elements associated with your brand are composed presents an opportunity to showcase what these values are. 

If you haven’t considered your values in conjunction with your brand’s designs, you are missing out on a great opportunity. Learn all about how design should reflect your company values:

Why Brand Values Are Important

In order for your brand to stand out from the competition, it is a good idea to nail down what your true values really are. This will give you a strong brand identity that will signal to your potential customers exactly who you are as a business, and it will also make you relatable. People want to do business with companies whose values match their own. 

However, simply having values won’t be good enough. If customers don’t understand what your values are when they buy your products, visit your website, or interact with you on social media, this lack of connection may cost you the sale. Conveying the brand values are just as important as establishing what they are in the first place. 

Relationship Between Design and Brand Identification

There is a strong relationship between design and brand identification. As mentioned above, it isn’t enough knowing what your brand values are. If these aren’t communicated to your customer, you could be missing out on some potential sales. Your values need to be in the conversation as you determine what your brand’s designs are going to be.  

The goal of branding is to become recognizable to your audience, and eventually convince them to use your products or services. Both design and values are a big part of your brand, and that is why your design needs to reflect exactly what they are.

Collaborate During the Design Phase

Unfortunately, values often get left behind when creating designs. It’s easy to focus exclusively on what “looks good” developing your social media presence, designing your website, and even designing print materials, such as business cards and other collateral. However, it isn’t enough to simply focus on the appearance of the designs. There is some psychology that goes along with it, which is why design needs to be in the conversation.

A great way to avoid making the mistake of ignoring your values during the design process is to create a collaborative environment. By communicating your values and beliefs to your designers, together you will be able to create designs that showcase your company in the truest light. Ultimately, this is what will attract people to your brand.

When developing your brand, you need to do what it takes to set yourself apart. By conveying your company values through your designs, this could give you the competitive advantage you desire.