What Is Your Brand Positioning Strategy?

When it comes to doing business, chances are pretty good that you are in direct competition with at least a few companies in your industry or niche. The goal, then, is to find ways to set yourself apart from the competition. There are several ways to do this, but at the core of your efforts will be your brand positioning. In order to meet your business goals, you need to make sure your brand positioning is in place to encourage your success. 

What Brand Positioning Really Means

Most businesses realize that developing their brand is an important part of their business strategy. However, there are some misconceptions about what this really means. Brand positioning is about more than just making sure the colors on your website match your logo. Sure, these considerations do play into your brand positioning, but that has more to do with the execution and not the philosophy.

So, what does brand positioning really mean? In short, it is the art of developing your brand in a way that causes you to stand apart from the competition. Brand positioning refers to the space your brand occupies in the marketplace. Your brand positioning is a way to differentiate your products or services. Otherwise, you could be mistaken for the competition, which wouldn’t be good for business.

Discover Your Brand Positioning Strategy Type

There is some debate over this, but there are generally eight different types of brand positioning strategies your business could base your strategy on. These are:

  • Value – If you want to highlight the value your brand will bring the customer, this is the direction you want to take in your positioning. 
  • Quality – Do you pride yourself on the quality of your product or service? If so, this is the strategy you should use. 
  • Competitor – Some brands focus on comparing themselves to main competitors to establish their superiority. It really could work, especially if you are a new player in the market.
  • Benefits – What are the benefits of using your product or service? If you are proud of your benefits, you will want to highlight these in your brand positioning.
  • Problem and Solution – Does your product or service solve a major problem? If so, this is where you should slant your brand positioning.
  • Price – If your product or service offers great value for the money, while also delivering a high quality, this is what you should focus on when establishing your brand positioning strategy.
  • Celebrity – Do you have some important celebrity endorsements? If so, you should take advantage of it in your brand positioning!
  • Leader – Are you leaders in your industry? Your customers and clients will love this, which means that you should focus on it in your brand positioning. 

Sure, making sure your brand looks visibly cohesive is an important part of the process. However, that is just an expression of the real story. You need a brand positioning strategy in place before you can even determine the physical design elements.