Why You Need User Experience Design

When it comes to design projects, it is all too easy to put forth the majority of your efforts making sure that the end result looks good. Whether creating a website, an app, or even a physical product, user experience design, or UX design for short, should be part of the process. Without it, the end result may look pretty, but it might not be well suited for the end user. UX keeps in mind that design is about more than just how it looks, a product should be designed to provide the end user a pleasant experience. 

Fulfill the User’s Needs 

At its core, user experience design has the goal of fulfilling the users’ needs. This idea is important for a variety of different applications. A website user wants to find all the information he or she needs when visiting the website. An app user wants to have a great experience with the app. A product user needs to intuitively understand how it works. The goal is for the designer to know what the user’s needs are, and then know how to build fulfilling these needs into the design.

Reduce Costs Down the Line

Let’s imagine you didn’t pay attention to the principles of UX design before launching your product, website, or app. User feedback starts to stream in, and not all of it is positive. Problems begin to surface concerning frustrations with the design of the product, no matter what it is. Most of the issues that people report after using a product are not actually product “bugs”, they’re actually usability problems. Using the principles of UX design while developing the product can greatly reduce reports of usability issues before launch, which ultimately means it will save the company money. 

Help Increase Conversations

Your business website has the goal of converting either visitors into leads, or visitors into paying customers. We all know we need certain elements on the site in order to make these goals happen, such as lead forms and prominent buy buttons, depending on the goal. Chances are pretty good that if the website wasn’t designed using the principles of UX, it will have a much lower conversion rate than it could. In this case, UX could actually help the company make more money in the long run. 

Improve User Satisfaction

When the principles of UX design are considered when you are creating your products or websites, this can help improve user satisfaction. When design is intuitive, it makes people want to use your products and services or visit your website. Improving customer satisfaction has a positive impact on branding, and you will likely also receive positive customer feedback and reviews because of it. When customers are happy, your brand and your business will grow.

Although it takes a bit more effort to work in the principles of UX design into your products, the end result is worth it. Your customers will be happy to give you their business!