Do You Need a Brand Reboot?

It’s true that your brand forms the cornerstone of your marketing efforts. When a brand is well received, this translates to new business. When it isn’t well received, the business seems to stagnate. Granted, there are a number of reasons why a business could stagnate. However, one of the culprits could be that your brand is no longer working to convince your audience to do business with you. 

Making sure your brand is fresh and current is so important to your business. Here’s a look at how you can know if your brand needs to be revamped:

Discovering a Lack of Consistency

One of the first issues that could arise is that you notice that there is a lack of consistency in your branding. Your social media profiles may be using a different logo than what is on your business cards. You could have redesigned your website, but kept the rest of your branded materials the same. 

No matter what the cause is, lack of consistency in branding could not only confuse your audience, but it could cause you to lose business. You should consolidate your branding efforts to include one, focused message. In order to have the greatest impact from your branding, you should find a way to make things consistent.

Making Business Changes 

Another signal that you could stand to rebrand is if your business has changed over the past few years. When business changes occur, we don’t often think about the repercussions these changes could have on our branding. Old brand messaging may no longer be relevant. 

If you have experienced business changes, make sure that your branding reflects these changes. If it doesn’t, you could need a reboot. On some level, changes to your industry are normal and usually happen gradually. The issue here is that when these changes are being made, companies don’t always think to make changes to the brand that reflect this. 

Targeting the Right Audience

When it comes to branding, the main purpose is to connect you with your ideal audience. If your current branding doesn’t do this, it could be time to change things up. In order to discover whether or not you are attracting the right audience, you will have to dive into your analytics. 

Your content can also give you a clue as to whether or not you are finding the right audience. If people are engaging with your content, it means that you are connecting with the right people. 

Are you making the types of sales that you want? Do you suspect that your audience is embracing your brand? If you notice changes, such as your website traffic is dropping or if people aren’t spending a lot of time on your website, these could be signs that you will need to find ways to attract a better audience. One of the ways you can do this is by rebranding.