How Graphic Design and UX Work Together

Although it may not seem it at first, graphic design and UX are linked. It’s true that graphic designers are responsible for composing the forward, visual components of your brand elements. In fact, some of the most iconic imagery was created by graphic designers. Everything from logos, the physical appearance of a chain restaurant, package design, and more, there was a graphic designer behind it all. 

However, there is another part of the equation when it comes to design. Everything needs to be done with the user in mind. Simply making something look great isn’t enough. The user needs to be happy. Here is a look at how graphic design and UX can work together to create a great end result.

Differences Between UX and Graphic Design 

Graphic designers are concerned with the physical look of a product. While UX designers are concerned with this, that isn’t their primary focus. UX designers think about the look, feel, and usability of the item they are designing. In other words, for UX designers, it isn’t all about the look, although that is part of it. The item has to be “usable” and it has to serve its purpose. The primary concern of a graphic designer is the look of the design, and the primary focus of a UX designer is the usability. 

Similarities Between the Two 

At first glance, it may seem that you need to choose one or the other in order to create a great product. However, it is important to know that there are some important similarities between the two. Both are concerned with invoking emotions with their designs, they also both want the designs to look great. These similarities can set the stage for a productive collaboration because it will enable the two parties to play to their strengths to complete a project. In fact, the two are more similar than they might think.

Working Together to Create a Great Product

Graphic designers and UX designers have one major thing in common. They are both concerned with creating a great end result that people are happy with. Graphic designers are really concerned with making a unique and artistic statement with their designs. UX designers want to make sure that the user is happy and satisfied with the design. Through a combination of great designs and usability, this makes the end result even more powerful than it would have if the two didn’t collaborate.  

When you have design work in mind for your organization, business, or brand, you might be tempted to hire either a graphic designer or a UX designer. Instead of taking the approach of “one or the other” it can be helpful to encourage the two to collaborate. The end result will be a design that is not only beautiful, but also is usable and intuitive. These are the elements of a great design strategy that will help you meet your business goals.