Signs Your Company Might Need a New Logo

How long has your company had its logo? It’s amazing how quickly time can fly. Your logo felt fresh at one time, but you realize that was several years ago. The truth is, your logo is an important part of your branding. If it is stale and outdated, people could associate those negative qualities with your business. Here’s a look at how you will know if you need a logo:

Consider Your Logo’s Age

One of the biggest signs that you might need a logo is that your existing logo is simply old. If a lot of time has passed, such as ten years or more, it could be that you need either a new logo, or you need to update your existing logo. There is something to be said for a logo that has this kind of longevity. Your customers will immediately recognize your business. However, the age could also work against you because people often associated age with being outdated. You don’t want people to think that of your business. If this is the case, you should consider a redesign.  

You Had a Major Business Change

If your business has changed and evolved but your logo hasn’t, you are overdue for a change. Think about where you were at when you created the original logo. As soon as you overhaul something about your business, you should be in the mindset to change your logo right away. Your logo is one of the first experiences people have with your business, and you want their interactions with you to be as accurate as possible. When your logo is too old, this simply isn’t possible. Your logo should reflect the present state of your business. Your old logo reminds people of the past.

Too Similar to Your Competitors

One of the biggest problems a logo might have is if it is too similar to the competition. It doesn’t matter who had the original logo design first. As soon as there is more than one “version” of your logo on the market, you should consider making changes. Chances are pretty good that if there are a lot of copycat logos to yours in your industry, it could be a sign that you have simply had your logo for too long. The last thing need is for someone to get you mixed up with the competition. Your business is unique and your customer base needs to understand this if you are going to set yourself apart from the competition. 

When a logo is outdated, this could negatively impact people’s interactions with your business. You want people to understand how great you are, but they won’t be able to do that if things about your business feel stale to them. The best way to keep yourselves relevant in your customers’ eyes is to make sure your branding remains updated, and the logo is exactly where this starts.