We help ideas succeed through creativity and innovation.

The Beginning of Great Things

Starting a new project can actually be one of the most important aspects of a successful conclusion. For this we start literally from the ground up. Gathering critical information, gaining insight of your overall business and the requirements of your project, then compiling the information and brainstorming the “Big Idea” into the project launch strategy. This strategy gives us a great foundation for which to build on and deliver the results that you expect on your investment.

Creating the "Big Idea" Roadmap

In this next step we are taking all the information gleaned from the Strategy session and organizing it into a coherent idea. We are literally creating a roadmap of your project for later steps to follow. Whether it’s conceptualizing an idea for your core brand strategy, or creating wireframes for you mobile application, this step gives you a clear understanding of how the project will intuitively function and flow. This important part of the process allows you to comprehend the core functionality without letting aesthetics get in the way of any decision-making.

Seeing the "Big Idea" Come to Life

Here we focus on the literal “face” of the project. What your potential clients will see and experience is absolutely vital to its success. We take in all the information from the Concept stage and apply creativity and smart design to the wireframes for desktop and mobile configurations.  For digital projects, our design and development team work closely together to make sure aesthetics and function work seamlessly to allow for a beautiful and intuitive user experience. With branding and overall design, we will work closely with you to translate your brand strategy or design projects into something compelling and memorable.

Launching Your Project to the World

An exciting and satisfying part of our process to clients, and Xavinci, is launch. This is another critical step in the process that has many moving parts that we make sure are all covered. For digital projects we ensure desktop responsive design looks perfect for all browser types through pre-launch testing, along with a laundry list of other critical steps. For branding and traditional design we will work with you on implementation of your brand or working with a vendor to getting them proper files. Whichever type of project you require, you can be ensured of a smooth process.

Keeping Your Project On Course

Once your project is launched, it does not mean our work is complete. Part of our critical process is to work closely with you on monitoring project effectiveness, and making necessary changes as needed to make it better. What we would like your company to consider is viewing Xavinci as a strategic partner, and not so much a vendor. When you succeed, we succeed, and we hope to partner with you in the future.