What Makes Xavinci Unique?

We believe that Innovation and Creativity are two distinctly different things that need to converge properly for a project to be successful. Creativity being the “Big Idea’ and all the ideas that surround it, and innovation being the “Execution” of said idea. Most agencies tend to focus far more attention on the front end of the innovation process, the creativity. But where there is a real differentiator is the equal attention we pay to the back end. Therein lies the core philosophy for our creation process and how we approach client work from initial strategy phase to evaluating the effectiveness of a successful launch.

The Story Behind Our Logo

The design of the Xavinci logo defines our agencies philosophy. The “X” represents the convergence of creativity & innovation. The free-form energy of the artists swash passing over the more disciplined and pragmatic hash form conveys their differences but acknowledges their synergies. This combined with our homage to Leonardo da Vinci, the greatest artist and innovator of all time, is what we aspire to every day.

Our Expertise

STRATEGY: Starting a new project can actually be one of the most important aspects of a successful conclusion. For this we start literally from the ground up. We’ll help you create a plan for your project that aligns with your corporate goals, focuses your resources, and saves time and money.

• Brand Development
• Brand Positioning
• Brand Graphics
• Brand Guidelines
• Logo Design

• Responsive Websites
• Desktop & Mobile Applications
• Digital Advertising

• Print Collateral
• Print Advertising
• Tradeshows & Events

• Analytics
• Competitive Analysis


Dean Bubello
Founding Partner

Dean Bubello
Founding Partner

Dean is a Founding Partner of Xavinci. He has vast design background working with existing brands, and developing new brands across multiple channels of client communications and media. In the past he has been Creative Director at a large global financial firm in Boston, and has also worked with various new and established start-up businesses in Greater Boston. Dean has a strong conceptual and highly creative approach to every project. Additionally, he has a keen understanding of digital media, and utilizing the best techniques and resources to ensure there is a distinct synergy between Design & Development.

James Hilton
Founding Partner

James Hilton
Founding Partner

James is a Founding Partner of Xavinci. He is an emerging entrepreneur whose expertise includes web design, graphic design, interface design, and business development. He assumed the role of Divisional Office Manager for a New York based marketing firm where he was responsible for recruitment, training, and management. James later offered recruitment and internship development consulting to financial service firms in Greater Boston. James often speaks publicly on topics including entrepreneurship, business development, recruitment strategy, and empowerment.